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Your home didn't sell? No problem! Our proven, repeatable marketing system has worked on hundreds of homes and we look forward to adding you to that special group.

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Did Your Listing Recently Expire?

Did you know that your property in the Multiple Listing Service or MLS has expired? This information is sent out to all of the real estate websites across the nation, and if your listing has expired, then your property really isn’t on the market anymore.

Common Mistakes Most Agents Make!

It’s frustrating when you’ve previously listed your home for sale, and it has stalled on the market for months. Sooner or later, the listing will expire. Don’t let it get you down!

Frustrated With The Selling Process?

Are you frustrated because your property didn’t sell immediately? With the way the real estate market looks right now and the value of your property, it should have sold in an instant!

How Is Your Marketing Different?

What’s the secret to effectively marketing your property and attracting more buyers to generate multiple offers? It’s all about working with professionals that understand how to adjust the marketing plan based on your property’s unique features.

What’s Your Motivation?

Everybody has a reason for listing their property. Do you remember what yours was? This reason fuels your motivation and drive to keep at it, even if your property doesn’t sell the first time.

Think Before you Re-list Your Property!

What was that missing ingredient from the last time you listed your property? You wanted to see it sold FAST, but obviously, there was another piece to the puzzle.

Sometimes All You Need Is A Fresh Start!

Sometimes all you need is a fresh start! We have found that 90% of the time, relisting with a new agent is all that is needed to get the property sold. Oftentimes with little or no changes made to pricing, marketing, or property presentation.

You Deserve More Attention

We believe that communication is the number one key to a successful real estate transaction!

How to Instantly Attract More Buyers!

Have you put much thought into putting your property up for sale again? Your property

hasn’t been on MLS for some time, and you might be hesitant to re-list a property over


What's the real current value of your home?

Thinking about selling? Find your home or condo's value in today's market, for free.

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