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9 Tricks for Organizing Your Kitchen Counter

For many the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s a gathering place for chats over coffee or tea, catching up on what’s happening in family members’ lives. As such, things could get a little disorganized when it comes to kitchen—kids leaving the peanut butter and jelly out, dirty dishes waiting to be washed, etc.

When the counters in the kitchen are sparkling and free from disarray, it makes the area look more open and organized. Here are some tips you might want to put into use for keeping your kitchen counters clutter-free.

If you can hang it, do it. Hanging fruit baskets is an ideal fix for keeping fruit off the counters and opening up space. These kinds of planters are popular again, why not do the same for your apples, oranges and bananas?


Behind the Scenes of a Real Estate Transaction

Buying a home is likely the largest financial transaction you’ll make in your entire life. It seems like it should be a personal decision for that reason. However, a decision this big requires many people to make it happen; probably more than you realize if you’re a first-time buyer. Here’s who you’ll want on your team before making the largest purchase of your life.

Real Estate Agent

An agent is there to guide you through the whole process, and will be the person who not only scouts listing for you and shows you homes, but finds you properties within your budget that fit your requirements in terms of location, size and layout. They aim to give you your dream home, but will quickly clue you into factors like budget that might mean making some compromises.


How to Pick the Right Interior Designer

DIY home design is fun, but sometimes you have to call in a pro. We all know how we want our living space to feel, and a talented designer will help you bring that to life. Whether you’re looking to reenergize your home before bringing it on the market or need to personalize your new dwelling, these tips are key to finding the right designer to transform your home.

Do your research

It’s always a good idea to start by reviewing portfolios of numerous designers. Familiarize yourself with their past projects to get a strong understanding of aesthetics, styles, and use of space. As you make note of what speaks to you, this will also help you hone your vision and educate the designer on your personal preferences later in the process.

Ask for references

So you found an interior...

3 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before House Hunting

There are some obvious things you shouldn’t do as you prepare to buy a home in Canada, like racking up wild credit card debt or quitting your job. However, there are some other things that are surprisingly common and can really impact your ability to get the home you’re looking for. Make sure you don’t fall into any of these traps.

Don’t wait until you’ve found a home to make a budget. Some people think it makes sense to find a home, look at your monthly carrying costs and then make a budget to match. However, having a budget in place beforehand not only gives you a better sense of long-term goals, but helps you get a clearer picture of what kind of home you can afford. If it’s reasonable, you can even budget your carrying costs and put them into...

Death, Taxes and Inherited Homes

Losing a family member is never easy. Neither is figuring out how to deal with the home and possessions they leave behind. It often falls to real estate agents to help those who inherit homes from their departed loved ones. While navigating this emotional time can be tough, it can also be very rewarding to help home sellers make their way through this difficult process. Find tips and insights from Brooke Cribbs, a popular DIY and organization blogger who recently gained firsthand experience with the intricacies of death, taxes and selling a home, to make the complex selling and grieving process easier for your clients.

Cribbs of the CribbsStyle blog helps her website visitors tackle...

4 Things to Consider Before Building a Home

You’re probably excited at the prospect of building a brand-new home from scratch. It will be exactly to your design and layout, in the location you desire and every inch of it will be brand new. Sounds like a dream, right? It is, but it doesn’t come without multiple considerations that are best thought through before you start hiring contractors and buying land.

How much will it cost? While it might seem potentially cheaper to build a home from scratch than to buy an older home in need of constant upgrades and repairs, the reality is, there are a ton of hidden costs when building a new home. In Canada, permits, legal fees, inspections, delays and inflation can all raise the price beyond what you might initially budget for. It’s always a good idea to make a budget and add at least...

Is Optional Insurance Worthwhile When Renting a Moving Truck?

If you’re going to rent a truck when moving, one of the first questions the clerk will ask you is: Do you want to buy the optional insurance we offer?

While your auto, homeowners or renters insurance may cover damage to a rental truck or your contents inside the truck during a move, the extra insurance can be worth checking into.

Here are some questions to ask when that clerk tries to sell you insurance:

What if you’re at fault? A rental truck company likely won’t cover you for physical damage you cause to the truck or bodily injury you suffer in an accident where you’re at fault; however, your personal car insurance may cover property damage or bodily injury to others in the case of an accident. Keep in mind, your auto insurance policy likely excludes vehicles that...

Need a Mortgage Loan? Understand What Affects Your Interest Rate

The mortgage process can be complicated if you jump in without any prior knowledge on home-buying and lending. The best tool you can arm yourself with is an understanding of how your mortgage interest rate is calculated.

Credit Can Make or Break You

Your credit score will determine how reliable you are in the lending world. The higher your score, the lower your interest rate will likely be. Check your credit on one of the three major credit reporting agency sites—TransUnion, Experian and Equifax—or your credit card company may have a free credit report service (although these aren’t as reliable). Take steps to improve your FICO score for a better chance at a lower interest rate.

Size and Location Matter