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5 Annual Flowers to Plant in Your Garden This Spring

Looking to spice up your garden this spring? Below are a handful of colorful annual blooms to brighten any flower bed.

Cornflowers, also known as Bachelor’s Buttons, are a long stemmed blue flower sure to add a color pop to your bed. They bloom through summer, so sprinkle them throughout your plantings for a full season of stunning color.

Begonias bloom in fierce reds and pretty pinks from May through October. Add a bed or pot by the front door for fiery petals until fall.

Pansies are whimsical, multi-colored blossoms that thrive in partial shade. Most die out by the summer’s end but a few varieties will hold strong until fall.

Snapdragons are as hearty as they are vibrant, with lovely orange to red colorings and...

Transforming Your Bath Into a Spa

A long soak in a bubble-filled tub can feel like heaven after a hard day at work—and soaking in a bath that feels like a spa can elevate that happy relaxation. Here’s how you can elevate your home’s bath experience:

Add some greenery. Place a pot of minty eucalyptus on the counter, or any bright greenery that loves moisture, to add a fresh look and feel to your bath. They look pretty and smell relaxing, too!

Add a basket or two. A trick from resort hotels, pile a stack of soft towels on a small stool and put a basket of lovingly chosen lotions and soaps on the counter. It’s a quick and easy way to make a bathroom feel luxurious.

Choose bath mats carefully. Fabric mats can collect moisture and get...

Market Trends: Burlington County, February 2018

For the first time in over 4 years, foreclosure sales declined on a year over year basis but were still 28% of all February sales. Non-foreclosure sales were up 8% from last February and foreclosures were down 3.3%. The median sold price was up 8.3% from last February. New Bank Owned listings in February were 120 new listings, up from 119 last month, and up from 113 last February.

Inventory increased by 70 listings during February, and is 13.0% below last year's inventory. The Months Supply of Inventory increased to 4.1 months, and is down from 4.8 months a year ago. The number of new listings were up 4% from last February, new...

Market Trends: Camden County, February 2018

In February, Camden County home sales were down 12.5% compared to February 2017 and the median sold price was down 2.8%. The 110 foreclosure sales were the lowest level since February 2016 but still constituted 27% of all sales.

The number of homes available for sale in Camden County increased by 0.9% in February and is now 14.0% lower than a year ago. The Months Supply of Inventory has dropped from 5.1 months a year ago to 4.4 months due to the increase in sales over the past year and much lower inventory.


Market Trends: Gloucester County, February 2018

Sales were up 8.3% compared to February 2017 and are up 10.8% year-to-date. Prices were up 4.4% compared to last February. Foreclosure sales were 36% of February's sales, up from 29% in February 2016.

Gloucester had a 0.5% increase in the number of homes for sale during February and is slightly below the 2017 level compared to an 12% shortfall throughout the region. The Months Supply of Inventory is at 5.3 months, down from 5.5 months a year ago.


Market Trends: Mercer County, February 2018

Sales were down 16.7% compared to last February while the median sold price was up 5.0% from last February. There were 35 foreclosure sales in Mercer this month, down 50% from February 2017. Foreclosure sales were 16% of all sales in February down from 19% in January.

Inventory increased by 6.7% this month, and is 10.2% lower than a year ago. The Months Supply of Inventory increased to 3.8 months compared to 4.2 months in February 2017.


Low Inventory, Rising Rates and a Bustling Spring Market

Spring is here, and, with it, a busy home-buying and -selling season. While real estate markets can vary widely by region, housing is currently seeing similar developments across the country.

The Kiplinger Letter, an online source for personal finance advice and business forecasts, recently shared spring market trends. According to Kiplinger’s David Payne, staff economist, and Rodrigo Sermeño, reporter, REALTORS® can expect tight inventory, increased buyer competition and a rise in interest rates across the board this spring.

The biggest obstacle? Not enough homes, particularly in heavily-populated areas and others that are growing quickly.

“Buyers should expect tight inventory of existing homes across the nation, particularly in fast-growing metro areas...

Documents to Keep After Closing on a Home

New homeowners can easily watch the amount of paperwork they own grow after buying a house. From a folder full of closing documents to piles of papers, the pages can add up once a home purchase is completed.

The inclination may be to keep everything. After all, you’ve just completed what’s probably going to be the largest purchase of your life, and all of those documents must have some purpose to keep around, right?

Do you really need to keep the original documents, along with certified papers and photocopies that make up the closing paperwork? Some original files should be kept for as long as you own your house, while most closing documents are fine if they’re photocopied.

You’ll likely get a hefty package of transaction documents from your real estate broker. The closing documents, however, will...

Housing Starts Soften

February’s home-building receded, with housing starts softening 7 percent and totaling 1.24 million, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Notably, single-family starts increased 2.9 percent to 902,000. Multifamily starts (five units or more) came in at 317,000.

The decline is a departure from January, when groundbreaking soared some 10 percent.

“Some multifamily pullback is expected after an unusually strong January reading,” said Robert Dietz, chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), in a statement. “Multifamily starts should continue to level off throughout the year. Meanwhile, the growth in single-family production is in line with our 2018 forecast for gradual, modest strengthening in...

Unique Home Accents to Make Your Home More Fun

Are you looking for out-of-the-box decorating ideas for your space? Below are a handful of interesting accent ideas to up the creativity of your interior design.

Hanging accent lights. Caged, bubbled, modern, antique—there are myriad styles for hanging accent lights, which can be clustered, paired or used solo to fill up an empty corner or decorate a blank wall.

Mantels. Who says a mantel should only sit above a fireplace? You can easily install a freestanding mantel to rest photos, art or your favorite books. Another trick? If your walls are dark, paint your mantel to match and your items will suddenly be floating.

Dips. Dipped frames, art or even doors are all the rage right now. Imagine a series of white picture frames with their bottom dipped in gold. The best...