Selling Your Home

5 Winning Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

When it comes to curb appeal, it is normal not to know where to begin. As your local real estate professional, I wanted to share this insightful infographic on winning ways to boost your home’s façade. Using any of these five methods will assuredly increase the aesthetic value of your home. Just imagine the results if you can follow through on each point.


How to Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Limited Budget

For many families, the kitchen is the focal point of the home. Since it’s used so frequently for cooking and sharing meals, the kitchen should be warm, inviting and well organized. If you’re unhappy with the current state of your kitchen, you can make some improvements without breaking the bank.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to brighten up your kitchen is to paint. If you’re tired of plain white walls, consider a brighter color, or paint an accent wall with a vibrant hue that will catch people’s attention.

Kitchen cabinets can become faded and dull over time. If your cabinets are looking worn, you do not have to replace them. A fresh coat of paint can be enough to make them look like new.


Should You Lower Your Asking Price or Keep Waiting for a Buyer?

It can be frustrating to have your home on the market for a month or longer and not receive a single offer. You may question whether you’re asking for too much money and consider lowering the price. While this could prove to be the right move, you might also come to determine that your house is slow to sell for a reason that has little to do with the price.

Possible Reasons Your House Hasn’t Attracted a Buyer
If dozens of prospective buyers have looked at your home, but you haven’t gotten an offer, they could all be passing on it for the same reason. If people have offered suggestions or criticism, take that to heart, especially if the comments are about issues you can fix. For example, if potential buyers have noted the need for repairs, or have commented on the home’s...

Make Moving Easier With a Checklist

Moving is a double-edged sword. On one hand, there’s the excitement of moving into a new home (maybe your dream home!), but the logistical hassles sometimes make it hard to get too excited about the whole thing. One thing that’s always helpful? A checklist. Here’s what to include:

Book your movers in advance
For certain times of the month, movers get booked up fast. Book sooner rather than later, as this gives you time to get organized, as well as ample time to compare rates and services. If you live in a condo (or are moving into one), don’t forget to book your elevator, as well.

Throw away what you don’t need
Before you start packing, make sure you declutter. This is helpful if you’re downsizing, but also...

What to Do If You Suspect Your House Has Mold

Mold is extremely common and can develop slowly, often without homeowners being aware of it. Some types of mold are harmless, but black mold can cause headaches, coughing, sneezing, and irritation of the eyes or nose. It can also aggravate existing health problems, such as asthma. Often by the time a mold problem is identified, it’s so serious that it requires expensive cleanup or renovations.

How to Find out If Your House Has Mold
Sometimes mold is visible, but often it isn’t. You may notice an unusual smell, or family members may have unexplained health issues. If you suspect you might have a problem, you can look for evidence of mold and sources of moisture. Check behind drywall or wallpaper, under ceiling tiles and carpet, inside ducts, and in walls...

4 Things a Luxury Home Must Have

Buying or building a high-end home for the first time? These properties have a goal to go above and beyond anything you would find in traditional real estate, so buyers should always be on the lookout for the following to ensure what they’re buying is truly luxury and they won’t have to spend any time building extras into the home.

Open concept floor plans. The goal is for the home to look and feel as large and airy as possible, and too many walls take away from that goal. Also, don’t forget the entryway staircase—two are better than one. High-end homes demand that when someone enters, they immediately feel like they’re somewhere special. 

Exercise, game and theatre rooms. Who wants to make a trip...

What to Ask Your Renovation Contractor

Whether you’ve hired a contractor to remodel your bathroom, renovate your kitchen or do a complete overhaul of your home, it’s important to have as much information as possible so you know what to expect. Before you begin, here are some questions you should be asking to ensure you and your contractor are on the same page.

What are their qualifications?
The contractor you hired likely has an impressive portfolio showcasing sparkling before-and-after images that suggest years of experience and a glowing reputation. Unfortunately, this isn’t always representative of their actual experience in the industry. In the social media age, plenty of small business owners will curate a swoon-worthy online portfolio in order to draw clients in with the allure of marketing. Ask to see qualifications...

5 Features That Could Help You Sell Your Home

Anyone who has ever undergone a renovation to increase their home’s value before selling it—be it a few small additions or a gut job—wants that secret formula for implementing features that will push the sale price over the edge. Well, a recent study by Zillow looked at just that. They analyzed listings for over 4 million homes sold between January 2016 and December 2017 and looked at features and design styles in homes that sold for a premium. Here’s what they found:

Professional-Grade Appliances
High-end name brands and features like six-burner stoves or convection ovens increased home sales 29 percent above expected value.

Pet Shower
While it might seem like an extreme luxury for little Fluffles, a dedicated pet wash station can actually boost your home’s...

4 Features That Really Make a Living Room

Whether you’re staging to sell or looking for your dream home, the living room can be an overlooked space. People often talk about the kitchen as being “the heart” of the home, but the living room gets a lot of use too, from eating, to entertaining, to relaxing. Here are features that make a memorable living room you’re sure to want to spend time in:

Flexible Layout
People often have different ideas of what makes a great living room and sometimes those can evolve over time. A young couple may feel very differently about their “ideal” living room once they have a couple of kids. For this reason, a space that’s flexible and spacious enough to grow or change its function over time is essential.

Unusual details like stained glass, exposed brick or a fireplace...

7 Things to Remove From Your Home When You List It

When listing your home, there are a lot of things to think about. How you stage your space should definitely be at the top of that list. While you may not have the means to bring in a professional stager, you can put your best foot forward by removing the following from your space:

Family photos. While these treasures may mean the world to you, personal items like this make it difficult for a potential buyer to imagine themselves in your space. Get a jump on the process and pack these photos up now.

Odors. From a musky basement to the closet where the kitty litter box is kept, odors in your home are a huge turn off. Do whatever you need to do to keep a prospective buyer’s nose from wrinkling. This includes ripping up mildewed carpet, opening windows and  lighting candles.

Clutter. ...