Selling Your Home

Why You Should Check Your Crawlspace After It Rains

A rainstorm can provide much-needed water for your lawn, but it can also damage your home and endanger your family’s health. A crawlspace under a house is supposed to stay dry no matter the weather. In addition to the possibility of water leaking into a crawlspace when it rains, you need to be concerned about groundwater rising and flooding the area. You should check your crawlspace after a rainstorm and take action immediately if you find water.

Why a Flooded Crawlspace Is Dangerous
Water in a crawlspace can cause mold to grow on hard surfaces and insulation. Spores can get into the ventilation system, spread throughout your home and cause headaches and respiratory problems that could threaten your family’s health, especially if members have asthma or other...

Do Driveways Matter? Absolutely!

When a potential homebuyer comes by to look at your home, they will most likely park their car and walk to the front door via the driveway. And that means one of the earliest impressions they will have of your home in-person is of the driveway itself.

While we tend not to think much about this, a driveway can say a lot about a home and its owner. For instance, if it has lots of cracks and mud and old wood piled on the sides, it could leave an impression that you didn’t care much for the house and tended to let things fall into disrepair.

That’s why a clean, good looking driveway and walkway are important. Even if they don’t even notice, it’s better than someone noticing a flaw with your home.

A well-built, well-maintained asphalt driveway adds curb appeal...

Home Sweet Home: 8 Tips to Help You Settle Into Your New Zip

Now that the dust has settled and your belongings are put away, it’s time to get a lay of the land. Whether you moved a few houses down the street or across state lines, settling into a new location can be a fun adventure…so long as you’re ready to put in the work it takes to get acquainted with the area you now call home.

Having trouble taking that first step? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get the Family Involved. Exploring a new place may feel like a monumental task, so divide and conquer by getting the whole family involved. Task one person with finding good places to eat, another with compiling a list of places to visit—and so on—and before you know it, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy.

Step Out of Your...

Should You Accept Less Than Your Asking Price?

You want to sell your house for as much money as possible, but buyers are looking for bargains. You might list your home for what you consider a fair price and receive an offer that’s significantly below that. If you’re disappointed by a low offer, don’t get upset. Negotiating is a normal part of the real estate process. The fact that you received an offer at all means someone is interested in buying your home.

Is the Offer Reasonable?
You may feel insulted by a low offer, in part, because of your strong emotional attachment to your home. If you’ve lived there for decades and shared special occasions with loved ones, it’s obviously more than just a house to you. To a buyer, however, it’s not yet their home but often a piece of real estate, and...

How to Clean Your Gutters in 5 Steps

It might not be anyone’s favorite chore, but cleaning your home’s gutters is an essential maintenance task not to be overlooked. When leaves, sticks and other gunk clog your gutters, it can lead to serious and costly issues, such as foundation problems, leaky basements and attic damage.

To help keep your home in good shape and save money, you should clean your gutters at least two times a year, depending on where you live, which types of trees you have on your property and other factors.

HomeAdvisor suggests following these five steps to debris-free gutters:

Step 1: Get Prepared. Put on a long-sleeved shirt and heavy rubber gloves to protect yourself from sharp edges on your gutters....

8 Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Home's Value

Maintaining your home’s curb appeal shows more than pride of ownership; it shows respect for your neighbors. Plus, when or if you decide to sell, a well-maintained home means it will sell faster and likely for top dollar. Similarly, maintaining your home’s interior is likely to pay off in the end.

Real estate experts shared these eight missteps that could cost you in the long run with House Beautiful Magazine:

Landscaping Without Thinking Ahead. Trees planted too close to the house or driveway without much thought about how big they’ll get can cause major problems later, such as roots causing breaks in the pavement or interfering with sewer or water lines.

Letting the Entryway...

Critter Prevention Tips for Your Home

You love your cozy home when cold storms hit, and–unfortunately–you may not be the only one who enjoys the warmth and shelter your home provides. If you are looking to keep your home in tip-top shape, and you want to prevent against unwanted roommates, there are a few critter prevention tips you can implement.

Caulk Problem Areas

If you have small cracks or holes that make an inviting door for creepy crawlies, now is the time to seal up these problem areas. Use caulking to address small holes. This will not only keep unwanted critters out of your home but will even serve to keep your home warmer and your heating bill down. Talk about a win-win situation!

Do an External Check

When cold weather hits, critters will...

Carpet Maintenance: Why it Can Help Your Sale

When it comes to selling a home, carpets can help.

That’s because carpet is easy to maintain and keep clean. And if there are floors in your home that are scratched up or damaged, carpet is much more affordable than new tile and hardwood floors. And there are also many options in terms of colors and styles that can give rooms a fresh and exciting look.

Clean your carpets. Professional cleaning services are affordable and can make your carpets look brand new. If you want to save even more money, you can rent a cleaner from many supermarkets and home improvement stores. While you’re at it, these machines also clean many pieces of furniture. Be sure to follow the instructions and test any kits on areas of carpets or furniture that aren’t immediately visible.


4 Ways to Up the Resale Value of Your Home

When it comes time to sell, all homeowners want to get as much money as possible for their house. In addition to working with a real estate agent to increase your chances of getting top dollar, you can make some changes to your property to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Here are four of the best value-raising tactics for selling your home:

Ordinary Updates
There are plenty of simple updates you can do to your home before selling it that can help raise its value. These kinds of updates include replacing rotting wood, repairing roof leaks, getting rid of mold and spreading a fresh coat of paint. Buyers tend to look over the home they’re thinking about buying carefully, which is why it’s important to check every inch of your home...

4 Signs That Pests Are Damaging Your Home

If you’ve noticed unusual signs of damage around your property, pests may be to blame. Rodents, insects and other types of pests can wreak havoc on properties and cause unforeseen damage that ends up resulting in costly repairs.

Here are four signs to look for to determine whether pests are damaging your home:

Unstable Floors
The sudden feeling that the floors in your home are unstable could be a sign of a pest problem. This may be especially true if you have hardwood floors that are damaged because of termites. You might notice the boards curling on your floor as damage persists. Flaking and crumbling may also become noticeable as your floors continue to deteriorate from the damage. Crushed-looking wood at structurally significant points can be another obvious sign of...